Certified Safes

Yale Certified Safes offer a greatly improved performance over the home series safes.

As a result the Yale Certified Safes have been awarded Silver Certification in the 'Sold Secure accreditation' (Sold Secure, UK, 2007).

The majority of insurance companies in New Zealand accept Sold Secure Silver Certification for the Watches and Jewellery policy endorsement.

The Yale Certified Safes also have a recommended Cash Rating of $5000 (refer to you insurer for details)

Research shows that people generally want safes of a practical size and of a neutral colour. This is especially important for the growing numbers of individuals living in smaller homes, where space is at a premium. Where possible, most people prefer their safes to be bolted to the floor, or to the wardrobe wall. All our safes take these facts into account.

All Certified Safes are also fully-lined to further protect their contents.

As safes are most often hidden in dark places, the Certified Safes feature a more intuitive LCD screen that lights up when entering your PIN code, and bright interior (LED) lights that come on when opening the door.